5 Simple Ways to keep going as a freelancer

Freelancing means a whole lot of freedom - of where you work, when you work, how you work - which also means that it’s easy to procrastinate and eventually lose hope in what you do. That’s why it’s important to maintain motivation for your work and to be self-disciplined. Here are 5 simple ways to keep going when you’re low on battery.

1. Start your day right

It’s easy to fall into a cycle of laziness and procrastination if you’re lounging around in your PJs at home or in your room. Start the day with a run, or a brisk walk to help wake you up. Exercising gives you endorphins which will energise you and make you a lot happier.

Change out of your nightwear, get showered and dressed before you start your day. Have a morning routine that helps you get into your work mode and out of sleep mode.

2. Find or create a designated place for working

This could be anywhere that makes you the most productive. If it’s at home, make sure to designate a place just for working, and away from your bed. Make it your own conducive space by adding plants and fresh smells which help to boost mood and creativity, or even art works. If it’s outside, consider an area that is well-lit and with good airflow. Find out what helps you be productive. Remove distractions once you are in your work zone, such as mobile phones. Keep them on silent and only check it minimally.

3. Set goals

Goals help to keep you in check and on track for what you want to accomplish for the day. Make an achievable list of tasks to do for each day of the week, such that you do not pile up tasks for the following day. Crossing things from the list once they are done will definitely motivate you and give you a sense of achievement.

4. Have a schedule

a. Set timings for tasks

Write in your deadlines and when you want to start working on projects - which should be as soon as possible. Have a set time for doing each task and stick to it. Finish the most dreaded task first and then get on with the rest, so that you don’t procrastinate. Not only does completing any task at the last minute kill creativity, it causes you to feel like your work is a burden - and you will ultimately lose motivation to continue freelancing.

b. Remember to take breaks!

Set alarms for 5-10 minute breaks for snacks/washroom so that you don’t exhaust yourself. Sit back and listen to mind apps such as Headspace and Calm if you find that your mind is very cluttered.

c. Set your end-time

This motivates you to keep going until it hits a certain time where you know you can be free to relax.

5. Take time out for yourself

The best part about being a freelancer is that you can allocate as much time as you need to treat yourself. Don’t isolate yourself at home - it only makes you irritable and stifled. Go to places that inspire you to follow your passion, socialise with people of the same profession or have a relaxing afternoon bath. Find little ways to boost yourself throughout the day and be inspired.

Remember that you are your own boss and that only you can make your job as fun and productive as you make it to be. Know when to take breaks and keep your eyes on the goal. Remind yourself on why you chose to freelance and of the accomplishments you have had from freelancing.