Why design your office space?

Gone are the days of dull and drab cubicle spaces, as office spaces come alive with vibrant murals, colourful beanbags and wide communal tables.

Aesthetic office spaces are glamorised in the media - but are they really necessary? Here are four reasons why you should design your office space.

1. It helps your team’s productivity

Happy employees, happy company, happy productivity.

Small cubicles are no longer effective in helping employees do their work. Studies have shown that the design of an office space affects the productivity of a team, their health and overall success of the company. Those in boring and dark offices had higher stress levels than those in new, sunlit, open spaces. Create a space that is pleasant to look at and comfortable to work in - lighting, ambient sound, seating, murals, good furniture may seem like small things on their own, but they make a lot of difference together. Not only does it keep them focused, it keeps them healthy. Simply put: happy employees, happy company, happy productivity.

2. Attract Talent

Potential employees now look at more factors, such as the setting and design of the workplace, when choosing where to work at. They often search online for how the office looks like to get an idea of how it would be like to work there, as more start to believe that the work environment contributes to an overall positive experience for employees. As top talents look for nuances between companies to choose where to work, make sure your company stands out in its appearance.

3. Impress your clients

“A space that impresses is a key element of the customer experience.”

Just as how your appearance needs to be pleasant to provide a good impression, your office appearance needs to be pleasant to impress clients who enter your office. People still judge a book by its cover, so clients learn a lot about your business based on how your office looks. It shows that your company makes an effort to take care of its employees and reflects on whether the company can.

4. Create Culture

Think about what kind of culture you want to nurture in your company. If you want an open culture which encourages collaboration and teamwork, have an open concept where people are able to gather and collaborate.

A creative culture can include a lot of art pieces and amenities that allow them to play around. Give people space to socialise, to refresh themselves and communicate. Your workspace does not have to be so extravagant - a few art pieces, a games area or some plants can help to stimulate creativity.

A few small changes to the average office space can make a big difference - they show how you want your company to be perceived, what values the company has and how much welfare you have for your staff. Designing your office is worth every cent once it pays off. We would love to see and hear about the success you've found in creating an office space that is inspiring and tailored to the needs of those in it!

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